Wishing You Could Escape the Polar Vortex?


Some of the coldest weather and most gripping polar blast in decades has hit North America from the Midwest to the South and East this winter. The dangerous weather has led to vast disruptions; from school closures to cancellation of flights, forcing most of us to cuddle under our hoods and houses to protect our bodies from the instantaneous frost-bite.

The polar punch has also meant a rise in the number of travellers (including a number of my friends!) seeking an escape to the warm weather places.Travel reports indicate that early this year, there has been a swelling in the number of people looking to escape the Polar Vortex for warmer weather destinations. Bookings to destinations such as, Orlando, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles together with farther south destinations such as Mexico, Hawaii and Cuba has seen a phenomenal rise.

This rise in bookings has also means there has been a rise in the number of holiday deals and packages to places such as Cancun and Punta Cana in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Have you been checking out the deals? They’re hard to resist!

If you’re looking to escape to Havana, Cuba you’ll get to enjoy the warm weather while having a holiday of a lifetime. A friend just returned from Cuba and reports it was warm and welcoming and that the food was amazing. This surprised me because I had heard that the food in Cuba was lacking. Now, it’s back on my list!

Check out the book Time Out Havana; the book not only previews Cuba’s checkered political past but it also offers a perspective on all-things holiday about Cuba. This includes places to enjoy sightseeing, beaches and information about hotels, restaurants, shops and bars in Havana.If you take the time to get off the resort, Cuba rarely disappoints. It offers exciting attractions such as music filled bars and a view of the narrow streets of Old Havana. You can also experience some of Cuba’s greatest, and luxurious resorts located at Varadero; the narrow peninsula filled with white sands amid the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Right now, that really sounds like heaven!

Mexico City is another great option. It boasts a lively art scene, a number of amazing eateries, and hotels that attract millions of holiday makers escaping the cold. It is a world class city worth a stop in on your way to the beach!

The Time Out series also has a book on Mexico City. It will help direct you if you intend to make a short, or extended vacation, to Mexico. The book, in a nutshell will offer you a glimpse into the holiday and travel information offered in, and around, Mexico City.The bonus section includes information about the best of Mexico; from the stark beauty of Baja and the stunning jungles of Chiapas to the colonial legacy of Oaxaca, along with other details on eateries where you can enjoy authentic Mexican tacos and tortillas – authentic because your in Mexico!

Hawaii is hugely popular this year. I can’t count how many friends and colleagues are there right now soaking up the sun, exploring the volcanoes, and enjoying Mai-tai’s on the beach! If you’re heading that way to you should check out Stacy Pope’s, 2011 book, Honolulu & Oahu: A Great Destination. It goes beyond fancy descriptions of snorkel cruises and instead provides handy information about the best that Oahu and Honolulu have to offer. It offers insights about Oahu’s hotels and cafes plus the stunning sunny beaches and hidden trails.

I think that the only downside to trying to escape the grip of Old Man Winter is that everyone else is doing it too. That shouldn’t stop you though; I’ll take a warm, crowded beach over shovelling icy sidewalks any day!