Best Camera For Bloggers fro 2019

Best Camera For Bloggers fro 2019

As there are plenty of video cameras for vlogging in the market, it is hard to choose a perfect vlogging camera. In fact, you need to choose the camera according your certain parameters demanded. One of these parameters is the environment in which you make a video.

For example: if you are just sitting in your room and recording a video for vlog, and shoot cameras will work correctly for you. However, if you are making a video while traveling to other countries, you might need a better DSLR camera which provides surprising results in the broad daylight and low light.

1. Nikon COOLPIX S3700 Digital Camera with 8x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi (Silver, Red, Pink)

The first easiest, handiest and cheapest solution, entry level video camera for vlogger is the Nikon COOLPIX S3700. It is the simplest point and shoot camera which will let you record the videos in 720p and is available for start $199.95. It has only basic features. However, the main disadvantages include: it doesn’t record videos in 1080 and also don’t have support to add an extra mic to record clear video. Moreover, you will have to use the AA Alkaline batteries.

2. Canon Power Shot SX530

If you are looking for a slightly better vlogging camera, you can’t ignore the Canon Power Shot SX530 which is available for around $245 on Amazon. It is another perfect Point and Shoot camera to record casual videos for vlogging. The advantages include recording HD 1080p videos, rechargeable better and better focusing capabilities, but it doesn’t have the external mic support, Wi-Fi or the extra LED to look for yourself.

3. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX400V Wi-Fi Digital Camera

Sony DSC-HX400V is another budgeted vlogging camera which can be used to record vlogs while sitting indoor. This vlogging camera is another camera from the point and shoot class which was perform the core functions efficiently. It doesn’t only record the videos in 1080 with 60 fps. Moreover, it lacks basic Wi-Fi connectivity, support for external Mic and other basic utilities.

4. Panasonic HC-V770 HD

Panasonic HC-V770 HD is best camcorder for vlogging to record videos in 1080p with the promising results. One of the amazing features of this camera is that it has the Picture in Picture mode by which you will be able to record videos from two different angles. You can use this as a primary camera. However, another Smartphone can be connected with the Wi-Fi and the iPhone or Android’s can be used to record the video from another angle. This camera for vlogger and vlogging is suitable to record videos in incredibly small and bright lights as well. Moreover, you can also turn the extra screen of the camera towards yourself, so, you can know how you are looking. On the other hand, it doesn’t work correctly for recording the very high-quality videos but still it is one of the best choices to record videos for a vlog.

5. Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon T6 is one of the best DSLR vlogging camera for beginners to record high-quality videos, you can’t only record videos inside while it also works correctly in the broad daylight. It also has a touch screen and can record the videos in different quality with certain FPS such as 1080p video recording at 24, 25 and 30 fps and 720p video at 50 or 60 FPS. On the downside, the overlength video recording capacity is only for 29 minutes.

6. Sony NEX-F3K/B

Although this vlogging camera is not a professional DSLR camera, it is amazing to have amazing DSLR quality videos. So, if you know nothing much about the DSLR and photography, you must try out this fantastic gadget. It also has a Wi-Fi connectivity option and there is an app available in the Appstore to control the camera from your mobile phone. Moreover, the compact size of this camera also make it pretty much easy to shoot high-quality videos. On the other hand, it doesn’t have extra support for the additional mic.

7. Canon 70D

Canon 70D needs no introduction among other DSLR, it is probably one of the most famous video cameras among the vloggers. You can not only record the videos in different modes from VGA to 1080p, but the output quality of the video is also way out of the class. It has every necessary feature in it from attaching the external mic to Wi-Fi. However, the only concerning thing about the camera is the price, it may cost you more $1K.


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