It’s About Getting Connected To A World Of Stories

Ever wish you could find a story that would connect you to the trip you were planning?

Maybe you’ve tried to find books and stories about your dream destination, but…

  • You’re looking for a specific type of book, from a specific region, and just can’t find it…
  • You don’t have time in your crazy schedule to sift through book after book after book that isn’t what you’re looking for…
  • You can’t find a resource that lists books by country or region of the world…
  • You want to read small, personal, stories and don’t know where to look to find them…
  • Whenever you search for books about a place all that returns is guidebooks…

Then The Global Bookshelf is for you!


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I had the same problem. I was planning a trip to Japan and wanted to find books and stories about the history, culture, and politics of a place so different than where I’m from. Not a guidebook, but stories; novels, travelogues, memoirs, and personal accounts that would connect me to where I was going.

I couldn’t find a single place where I could search under ‘Japan’ and find an array of books and stories that would teach me what I wanted to learn; nowhere where books are curated with the traveler in mind.

So I created The Global Bookshelf; a place where you can:

  • Book StackSearch for books by country/region, genre, and author.
  • Browse ‘region’ and ‘digital books‘ categories to easily find books in both the area, and format, you’re looking for.
  • Find small, author published, books that tell personal stories by people who have been where you’re going.
  • Read trusted reviews that look at books and stories from a traveler perspective.
  • Join a community of readers who travel, and travelers who read.
  • Receive monthly newsletters featuring books and stories being read by travelers right now.
  • Connect to a world of stories.

Who Am I?

I’m Gillian. The traveler behind The Global Bookshelf.

In 2009/2010 my partner, Jason, and I embarked on a one year, fourteen country, trip around the world. I tried to read books from every country we visited but often couldn’t find what I was looking for or, more often, the hostel free-book exchange had a dearth of good books to choose from. Let’s just say I read a lot more John Grisham than I ever thought I would…and enjoyed them much more than you would imagine!

After returning home to Canada for a couple of years we have set off again to live in the world and experience travel from a much slower perspective. Now, with much more time, I am looking for books of all sorts about the places I’m in. I enjoy history books to give me a sense of how a country came to be and the struggles it endured. I like food books because we travel so much through the food of  a region. I read novels set in the places we visit to learn about culture and storytelling from a local perspective. And I turn to travelogues and memoirs to see how others have traveled in this place before me.

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I’m looking forward to seeing you around!

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