25 Literary Gift Ideas For Travelers On Your List

Is there a globetrotting traveller on your Christmas list this year? We’ve got you covered so sit back, relax, pour a cup of eggnog and get yourself all gifted up with this list of 25 gift ideas for travelers that will definitely put you on the ‘nice’ list.
Travel Books

Of course books have to be at the top of the list!! For this list I’ve chosen travel photography books; inspirational images, iconic scenery, and stunning captures will be welcome under any travellers tree. Of course, if your traveller has a destination in mind then a quick search of The Global Bookshelf main catalogue should find something destination specific.


1. Travel. A gifted travel photographer, Andreas Bitesnich brings a raw closeness to his images. Featuring scenes from around the world, this book is the ultimate coffee table tome.

2. Photo Trekking: A Traveling Photographer’s Guide to Capturing Moments Around the World. If there is one thing that I know most travellers wish they could improve it’s taking better pictures of their travels. Part travel inspiration, part photography instruction, this book shows what to look for to get a great shot and discusses camera settings to pull it off.

3. LIFE Heaven On Earth: The World’s Must-See Destinations. Beautiful images from around the world in a classic LIFE photography book. Great inspiration for those wanting to add such great pictures to their own travel photography albums.

4. Chasing A Dream is a little different from the other travel photography books in that it also tells the personal story of the author Carla Coulson as she leaves her corporate life to travel the world and record what she sees.


kindle.jpg 5. You know, the number and variety of Kindles that are available is overwhelming. From a simple Kindle e-reader to the backlit Paperwhite to the all-encompassing, wifi enabled, Fire tablet; it seems there is a Kindle for every need and budget. My advice, as always, is to get the one that does what you need and not to worry about the bells and whistles your traveller may not use.

Kindle Accessories

6. The Verso Artist Series Kindle Cover is a classic looking cover that will keep your Kindle dust free and free from scratches as it knocks around in the bottom of your bag.

7. It’s late but you’re jet lagged after that 9 hour flight. Your travel partner is not having as hard a time of it as you and is sawing logs oblivious to your wide awake status. Do you turn on the light to catch up on your reading or lie quietly and keep waiting for sleep to come? This Belkin Clip On Reading Light is a great solution. It’s a nice compact reading light that will let you pass the time without waking those who are lucky enough to be able to sleep.

8. This would be my choice, a Kindle Lighted Cover. A Kindle cover and light all in one! No trying to clip the light or worrying about batteries; this integrated cover and light seamlessly plugs into your Kindle to create a unified unit. Easy to use, convenient, and stylish.


Bookmarks are such simple, and portable, gifts for travellers.

bookmark 9. These Olina handmade wooden bookmarks are beautiful, handmade, and functional.

10. Hokusai’s woodblock print The Great Wave is represented in this metal bookmark. Great for book lovers and Japanese art fans.

11. As a digital dictionary bookmark, this version has practicality all sewn up.

Book Lights

12. Book lights can often be too heavy for regular soft cover books but this lightweight clip on book light stands up to late night testing and will help any traveler get over that pesky jet lag.

13. I like that this Mighty Bright book light flexes out over the pages to fully illuminate what I’m reading. If I’m going to use a light it may as well light up the whole book.
Book Savers

Letting books rattle around in the bottom of a suitcase or backpack is the fastest way to ruin. These book savers will keep the covers intact, protect the spine, and prevent the pages from fanning.

14. Simple but functional, the neoprene Book Glove also provides a bit of protection from dampness.

15. This leather book cover is the ultimate book station with pockets, zippers, and snaps to hold everything the traveling book lover might need.


Great for listening to audio books, or listening to music on long flights, headphones are an indispensable travel item.

16. Noise cancelling headphones are the Cadillac model for sure. Reducing, or eliminating, outside noise while delivering the crisp, clear, sounds of what you do want to hear.

17. For a small easily packable version, earbud headphones work best. They take up almost no room, are more discreet, and are generally less expensive. Some have built in microphones too so that taking calls whether on a phone, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout is super easy.

Travel Journals

Gift Ideas For TravelersDoes the traveller in your life journal as they jaunt? These beautiful blank books are the perfect gift!

18. This Passport Stamp Travel Journal is perfect for keeping track of stories while on the road and has a back cover pocket for storing those little pieces of paper souvenirs that always get lost.

19. The beautiful map imagery on the Old World Journal is inspiring on it’s own.

20. The Everywoman’s Travel Journal covers all the bases. With lined pages for journaling, unlined pages for sketching, as well as tips and tricks for travelling that are not limited to only the women travellers in your life although the beautiful, feminine, cover may be more suited to you sister or mother than for your brother.

21. And then there is the classic Moleskine. Many a traveller have filled these ultimate journals with stories and sketches, inner thoughts and revelations, lists and itineraries. Minimalistic, simple, and utilitarian; this is the ultimate travel journal.

Travel Book T-Shirts

T-shirts are the ultimate packable travel item. Everyone wears them, they pack super small, wash easily, and go with everything. T-shirts with travel book themes on them are even better.

Gift Ideas For Travelers22. This On The Road by Jack Kerouac representation is my favourite.

23. The Old Man And The Sea by Hemingway is a close second.

24. For some, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is the ultimate travel book and for those, this t-shirt would be the ultimate travel book gift.

25. My plan is to spend more time in Europe next year so this Germany t-shirt is high on my list but the company has a number of options available.

Stay tuned next week as we find some great gift ideas for the Armchair Traveller on your list!